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The Calstelcivita Grottoes are at the foot of the Alburni Mountains, about 30 Km from Paestum. The Grottoes of Castelcivita takes the visitor on a fantastic underground walk with some parts of it that look like scenes from a fairytale. The Grottoes are characterized by several spaces rich in stalactites and stalagmites, wells, bottleneck, chasing and crossing tunnels that fall into scary chasms where the nightmarish and the beautiful are mixed together creating a magic scenography, a result of the wash made by the underground streams on the carbonated rocks.

The extraordinary formation of the stalactites and stalagmites has given names to some of the galleries, for example the Crocodile Hall, the lemon Room and the Cathedral. One of the most interesting is The Bertarelli Cavern, which is a wide-open space covered in orderly thread like stalacties, which form a pagoda shape. The fantastic path is well lit and long about 1700 mt (1 mile) in its entirety.

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