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The famous beach centre of Santa Maria is located on the north end of Castellabate bay. Preserved from international mass tourism, you will not find any high concrete buildings. You'll enjoy the charm of the traditional white houses with their shiny red roofs and the waterfront with its bright and relaxing sandy beaches. Because of the beautiful coasts, marvellous beaches and its natural welcome, S. Maria has become an exclusive tourist destination in the last 20 years. The main street that goes through the village has a rich and very lively atmosphere. During the summertime S. Maria di Castellabate is the beating heart of Castellabate. S. Maria is also well known for its cosy “Antiquarium”, a famous vessels’ wrecks collection with amphorae and anchors testimony of the intense sea trading in Greek and Roman times. During the summer the Antiquarium is open on demand. S. Maria also hosts the Cityhall of Castellabate.

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