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Castellabate is a beautiful pearl set in Cilento. The town is among the most enchanting towns of the Cilento region, preserved from international mass tourism. Situated between Paestum and Velia, Castellabate is one of the most important beach centers along the Cilento coast, also rich in many historical and cultural places. Geographically wide, it consists of five areas: Castellabate medieval centre, Santa Maria (where the Municipal building is located), San Marco, Ogliastro Marino and Lago. At the foot of the medieval village of Castellabate (recognized as part of the Unesco World Heritage), in an enchanting gulf between Punta Licosa and Punta Tresino (a natural sea park), you can find alternatively long golden sandy beaches and beautiful sea cliffs that make Santa Maria an ideal tourist place.

The charming Mediterranean vegetation and the brilliant sea of Licosa island complete the striking picture of the Cilento coast. The thousand-year history of this beautiful hidden corner, good weather with warm temperatures, mixed colors between the sea and the countryside and the flavors of the Cilento cuisine are all together perfect and fundamental ingredients to choose Castellabate as an ideal place for vacations and relaxation.

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